Le Vendredi 18 Août 2006 17:02, 1Z a écrit :
> Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> > Peter Jones writes:
> > > > What's the difference?
> > >
> > > Things that exist are available for causal interaction. Numbers aren't.
> >
> > What could it possibly mean for numbers to "exist" in the sense you claim
> > they do not? Could I be mugged by a burly number 6 in a dark alley? I
> > don't think that even number-worshipping Pythagoras would have
> > entertained such a notion.
> It is for Pythagorenas and Platonists to explain what they mean by
> "exist".

I think it has been said several times :

The existence of a number/arithmetical proposition is the fact that its 
existence/truth does not depend on the fact that you exist/that it exists 
conscious beings capable of thinking of it.

So the truth value of a proposition is independant of me.


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