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If minds are made of Platonically existing comptutations
or numbers, they don't need to be made of matter as
well. In that sense matter would we without purpose.

But that depends on the assumption that there is such
a thing as Platonic existence in the first place,
which needs ot be justified or at least clearly stated.

I already told you that I interpret

There exists a prime number "in plato heaven",


"There exist a prime number" is true independently of me, you, the universe ...

comp does not need a magical platonic realm in your sense. I don't introduce it for the notion of matter and it would be a fatal damage for comp if we were needing such a magic stuff for numbers.
Comp needs just arithmetical realism AR. It is just the idea that the truth value of arithmetical proposition, including existential propositions, does not depend on me or of any cognition apparatus (indeed "cognition apparatus" are defined, with comp, by relation between numbers, like in Artificial Intelligence, or in comp cognitive science.



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