I read you. I wanted to make a 'link' to "heaven". Feynman had a humorous mind (as most intelligent people).  He also referred to the medieval silliness of realizing angels (in any discussion).
Now back to numbers:
I always considered the "world" of (pure) math [numbers?] a separate one on its own. This is why I differentiated between "Math" (cap. introduced by Robert Rosen) from "math",  the applied quantizing in the (reductionist) sciences.
The ("other?") world is what makes sense (sensible non-number meanings).
I still cannot see a bridge between the (theoretical) churning of numbers (by whatever symbolics) and the ideational (other?) world, to assign sensible meaning (content?) as equivalent to number-monsters, or mental events in the 'sensible' world as referring to 'number-manipulations'. 
(I call mental events also those that are reflected as 'events of material world')
The only 'comp' that does that is a - not binary, not decimal, but 26-ary device (in English, meaning letters as symbols) the churning of which DOES represent 'meaning' (called words in semantics). The rules of such math are translatable into 'sensible' meaning from their 26ary comp (not by illiterates).
The binary (present embryonic-level comp) reaches such result by the system of transforming the 26ary into binary and applying additional binary rules into the 26ary meaning.
This is not new, my 1928 Underwood typewriter did the trick (without binary).
The program was in the typists' brain and fingers.
So where is the "key" to translate number-monsters into "thought-monsters"?
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I already told you that I interpret

There exists a prime number "in plato heaven",


"There exist a prime number" is true independently of me, you, the universe ...

comp does not need a magical platonic realm in your sense. I don't introduce it for the notion of matter and it would be a fatal damage for comp if we were needing such a magic stuff for numbers.
Comp needs just arithmetical realism AR. It is just the idea that the truth value of arithmetical proposition, including existential propositions, does not depend on me or of any cognition apparatus (indeed "cognition apparatus" are defined, with comp, by relation between numbers, like in Artificial Intelligence, or in comp cognitive science.


There exist infinite prime numbers in Plato's heaven and 1000 of them can dance on the point of a pin.
I am sure you have something better thn that!

Feynman discovered quantum computation by asking himself how many bits can be handled for a period of time on the point of a pin.
Engineers would appreciate to know how many primes numbers we could encode on a pin. This is not a silly question, although out of topic in our fundamental quest, I guess.


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