Le 21-août-06, à 22:01, George Levy a écrit :

Slight correction:

If you are sane then you're not sure that you are sane,


then you would have to be crazy to say "Yes Doctor."......

Why? You can hope. Like you can hope you are sane, and that you will remain sane after a comp-substitution. You would only be crazy if you believe you can communicate, in some thrid person way, that you will survive, or that you have survived such a substitution. You would be crazy if you belief that "science has shown the human brain is a machine". You would be crazy if you forget that comp is a (meta) religion ....

...................yet a man could say it but not a "sane" machine.


Bruno's quest based on machine psychology runs the risk of leaving unanswered the really big quest based on human psychology.

Human psychology is interesting, but if comp is correct it is just a sub-branch of machine psychology.



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