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> As I 'believe': anything recognized by our 'senses' are our mental 
> interpretations of the unattainable 'reality' (if we condone its 
> validity). "My world" is a posteriori.

This is almost my favorite way to explain Plato in one sentence.
Now with "pythagorean-plato" (discussed in Plato, but even more by the 
neoplatonists), the question is open that the "ultimate reality" is the 
reality of the numbers law. Note that after Godel-Turing-Post-Church... 
, betting on our own consistency, we know, at least, why and how such 
an ultimate reality (numbers) is forever unattainable (contrary to the 
pregodelian, leibnizian old belief that "number" are easy to get 
I mean "natural number" (real numbers or complex numbers are terrible 
simplification tools, unless you define the trigonometric function 
which reintroduce the natural numbers in the "real" or "complex" 

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