Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
>>As Brent Meeker has pointed out, physical theories are just models to make
>>predictions about how the world works*. If physists get carried away and
>>"this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" then they
>>talking metaphysics, not physics.
>>Stathis Papaioannou
> The archaic usage of the word metaphysics, which became a pejorative
> somewhere around the time of Kant, is no longer viable or productive. The
> modern usage of the term Meta = about... far more productive.
> meta-chemistry example...table of elements
> meta-data ... computer science term
> meta-mathematics ... 'about' a mathematics

I agree, let's write it meta-physics.
> I'd like to eliminate the older usage of the term. It doesn't work as a
> descriptor, especially in physics!
> You're right about the physicists, though... they are the most
> 'model-bound' in all science. Their beliefs about what they effect
> a theology of mathematical models... is worst in cosmology. To continue to
> believe in the intractability of any formulation of an underlying reality
> in spite of glaring evidence to the contrary...and that it is deserved of
> a pejorative label is.....

You have a formulation of an underlying reality which is not only tractable, 
but for 
which you have glaring evidence of its tractability?  Is it also correct?  I'd 
to see it.

Brent Meeker

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