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Brent Meeker writes:

> > Saying that there is a material substrate which has certain properties
is just a working
> > assumption to facilitate thinking about the real world. It may turn out
that if we dig into
> > quarks very deeply there is nothing "substantial" there at all, but
solid matter will still be
> > solid matter, because it is defined by its properties, not by some
mysterious raw physical
> > substrate.
> But I don't think we ever have anything but "working assumptions"; so we
might as
> well call our best ones "real"; while keeping in mind we may have to
change them.

SP reply:
"That's just what I meant. If you say, this is *not* just a working
assumption, there is some
definite, basic substance called reality over and above what we can observe,
that is a
metaphysical statement which can only be based on something akin to
religious faith.
Stathis Papaioannou"

Brent can call it anything he likes, as long as he does not consider it a
"reality" and Stathis can call it anything he likes, as long as he does not
considers it a "faith".
I work with "narratives" - consider them working assumptions (hypotheses)
with an open mind for getting contradictions and so changing their
conditions. This prevents me from calling it "reality" and developing a
"faith" in it, which (both) assign absolute truth to the idea(s) involved.

John M

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