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> > We all (excuse me to use 1st pers form) are well educated smart people
> and
> > can say something upon everything. It is a rarity to read:
> > I was wrong you are right - period.
> John
> You're right! Every time I post on these topics I *know* I'm wrong: I
> just don't know how specifically, but I keep doing it in the hope that
> someone will show me. Trouble is, there's something about this area
> that resists us - we seem doomed to come at it all wrong (particularly
> in those moments when we think we've got it right!) It's the struggle
> that fascinates us, I suppose.
> David

Yeah! I actually believe this is more fundamental to the whole process of
creativity.... I have a saying (the only one I have ever coined!):

"Insight is the serendipity born of the failure to make a mistake"

i.e. ready fire (shite!...missed)... then aim. Eventually you hit the
bullseye by failing to miss everything that is not the bullseye....
voila!....an answer...

btw...I'm thinking of writing a short paper on the long overdue death of the
solipsism argument and the 'no evidence for subjective experience' dogma....
I'd like to erect a grave-stone here on the everything list! R.I.P.



colin hales

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