Hi everyone:

Below is a simplified version of the approach I have been working on 
for so long.

I would appreciate comments.

Thank you.



1) Object: That which has/represents/expresses a set of properties.

2) List of all properties: The list of all possible properties 
objects can have.  The list can not be empty since there is at least 
one object: A Nothing.  A Nothing has at least one property - 
emptiness.  The list is most likely at least countably infinite and 
is assumed herein to be so.  Any list can be divided into two 
sub-lists - the process of defining two objects - a definitional 
pair.  The set of all possible subsets of the list is a power set and 
therefore uncountably infinite.  Therefore there are uncountably 
infinite objects.  The list is itself a property of an object => 
Property: expresses all properties; Object: the list.  Thus the list 
is a member of itself.  It is a self booting, infinitely nested self reference.

3) Physical Reality: Logically objects should be allowed to interact 
because there is no logical reason to preclude this 
possibility.   Interaction means that they change each others 
properties thus transforming into two different objects by such 
interaction.  The simplest way for some objects to interact is to 
mutually alter just one property.  Call this property Physical 
Reality.  It would have many degrees [why not?].

4) Existence: A non zero degree of Physical Reality.


Proposal: The existence of our universe and other universes and their 
dynamics are the result of unavoidable definition, incompleteness, 
and inconsistency.


1) Using definition 1 and 2 the presence of unavoidable definition 
can be established by noting that a Nothing and a Something are a 
definitional pair and at least one of this pair must have a high 
degree of existence - definition 4.

2) Since the list is infinitely nested there are infinitely many 
Nothing:Something pairs.

3) The simplest way for these two objects to interact is for each to 
have the property of some degree of Physical Reality - definition 3 - 
and to interact by mutually altering each other's degree of this property.

4) A Something is actually a collection of all objects except a Nothing.

5)  The objects in a Something can be divided into self consistent 
and self inconsistent objects.  Thus we have the inconsistency factor 
in the proposal.

6) A Nothing is self consistent since it can not settle any 
meaningfull question about itself.  A Nothing must answer at least 
one meaningful question about itself - the question of its own 
duration - but it can not.  Thus we have the incompleteness factor in 
the proposal.

7) A Nothing must eventually begin to resolve its incompleteness.  It 
can only do this by randomly interacting with an object in its 
companion Something by a mutual alteration [exchange] of their degree 
of Physical Reality - the dynamic factor in the proposal.  It is 
unlikely that this object will be complete so the interaction process 
between successive objects will continue until completeness is achieved.

8) Logically self inconsistent objects have no logical way to 
interact with self consistent objects.  Therefore this cascade of 
objects that receive enhanced degrees of physical reality will all be 
self consistent.  In order for the incompleteness to be progressively 
resolved the successive objects will contain progressively more information.

9) Since a Something contains inconsistent objects it is itself, in a 
sense, inconsistent.  Any dynamic within it must inherit some 
component of this inconsistency.

10) A somewhat inconsistent [unpredictable] succession of self 
consistent objects with increasing information content having 
successively altered degrees of Physical Reality [existence] and an 
infinite number of such chains of succession taking place seems to 
provide a reasonable venue for our universe and the notion that it is 
a member of an infinite set of such universes.

11) As to the list I see it as just possibility.  I see its power set 
as being the Everything.  So this approach just postulates the 
Everything.  If the Everything contains all information then this 
information must be packaged in packets of all sizes - divisions of 
the list => objects.  I do not see that one can logically propose 
that the Everything is static.  So it has a dynamic.  The above 
proposes a mechanism for this dynamic.

12) As to what is consciousness it is not logical to propose that the 
succession of objects given a degree of Physical Reality in this 
dynamic works by giving non zero Physical Reality to just one object 
at each stage of the succession.  Rather it is more logical to allow 
a spectrum of functioning such that adjacent objects can have various 
degrees of Physical Reality.  The Physical Reality function would 
have various pulse widths and pulse shapes spanning a cluster of 
objects in the succession.  This allows objects and sub-components of 
such objects to experience a "flow" of existence.

Hal Ruhl

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