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> It must consist of the 'movement' of mathematical forms through
> state space.  The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that
> mathematical truth is not fixed, but can vary with time - because
> that's exactly what 'the movement of mathematical forms through
> state space' represents... the shifting of mathematical truth.
> And I suggest *that Qualia are precisely these abstract processes* !!!
> Hope this all makes a bit more sense.

I would certainly encourage you in that direction, although I am not 
sure you are aware that even "modern math" is going in a similar 
direction. Seeing qualia as mathematical *motions*, as you said in 
another post, can be related in a precise way with the arithmetical 
hypostases (comp notions of n-person) once you realize that modal logic 
is already a way to tackle notions of shifting mathematical truth: once 
for each world in a multiplicity (sometimes a continuum) of worlds.
Modal logic, but also Cohen's forcing technic in set theory, have led 
to a vast literature on variable truth.
The MWI itself can be seen in that context too. The whole category 
approach to math and logic can also be seen as a way to study variable 
notion of truth, especially through the notion of topos (boolean valued 
or not). All what you say, as far as I understand it, can, and perhaps 
should, be recasted in such a frame. Note that with comp, for technical 
reasons which I intuit only through my "understanding" of quantum 
mechanics, the quanta appears themselves to be sharable (first person 
plural) qualia having relational and somehow variable truth values 
attached to it too.

The advantage of modal logic and category theory is that such "variable 
truth" approach can be based on common non-variable usual notion of 
mathematical truth, making it possible to prevent extreme relativism 
which often appears in corresponding approaches in less rigorous 
philosophical works. I think this is not a problem for you, especially 
seeing your today's post (with which I do agree).

Technical remark: all arithmetical hypostases (godel-lobian derived 
notion of n-persons) come equipped with their own notions of 
"multiverses" (not all are Kripkean one), and so they are all equipped 
with a canonical notion of variable truth, but only the 1-person 
hypostase (and probably the sensible matter hypostase) got a notion of 
temporal-like (albeit bifurking) notion of variability. With the other 
hypostases, truth varies, not in a temporal way but in a more abstract 
and logical way.

With those remarks what you say makes sense for me,



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