Brent Meeker wrote:

> Everett who originated the MWI thought about QTI.  Although he never 
> explicitly said 
> he believed it, he led a very unhealthy life style smoking, drinking, eating 
> to 
> excees, never exercising and he died young, of a heart attack IIRC.  So some 
> of his 
> acquaintences have speculated that he did really believe in QTI.

Well, that's not quite rational--what is the quality of life ("utility")
that succeeds surviving a heart attack?

If QTI is true, and I'm going to live a very long time, it would not
only motivate me to plan for the long term, but also to be much more
careful about my health--I'll be living in this body for much longer
than ~73 years!


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