Colin Hales wrote:

>> As far as the internal life of the CPU is
>>>whatever it is like to be an electrically noisy hot rock, regardless of
>>>program....although the character of the noise may alter with different
>>That's like say whatever it is like to be you, it is at best some waves of
>>potential.  You don't *know* that the control system is not conscious -
>>unless you
>>know what structure or function makes a system conscious.
> There is nothing there except wires and electrically noisy hot rocks,
> plastic and other materials = <stuff>. 

Just like me.  Nothing but proteins and osmotic potentials and ACT and ADP = 

>Whatever its consciousness is... it
> is the consciousness of the <stuff>. The function

Which function?

> is an epiphenomenon at the
> scale of a human user 

Who's the user of my brain?

Brent Meeker

>that has nothing to do with the experiential qualities
> of being the computer.

What are the experiential qualities of being a computer? and how can we know 

Brent Meeker

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