Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Hi all,
> About the question by Stathis:  "does any piece of matter implement all
> computations", after reflection I would say that both comp and the
> quantum should answer in the positive.
> First in reasonable quantum field theories, the vacuum is already
> turing universal (and 1-person relatively unstable with Everett).

> to compute the probability that the piece of vacuum O go from state O
> to state O you have to compute the (amplitude of) probabilty that O go
> to C and that C go to 0, and this for *any* C,

Not any C. Some transitions are forbidden. There are conservation laws.

>so that strictly
> speaking you have to take into account the infinity of white rabbit
> histories where for going from 0 to 0 the vaccum go toward the ten
> thousands big bangs and crunches and other brane collisions (modulo
> time question).

> That is why both with comp and with the quantum we met infinities and
> we take a look for renormalization strategies.

"Infinite" doesn't mean "all possible". There are an infinity
of multiples opf 19,574, but the set of  multiples opf 19,574
is not the set of all possible numbers.

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