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> Top physics theorist Lee Smolin has also come out against timelessness.
>  He points out in the article that intuitionalist logics allow for
> shifting math truths and a non-static configuration space for the
> universe.  Nice to have my analysis confirmed by the best ;)

Got not enough time to make many comments, but Smolin's analysis seems  
to confirm "only" the first person view on physics (the third hypostase  
+ the comp hypothesis/ alias the sigma1 restriction. Will come back on  
If the Wiles "modularity conjecture" can be extended from Diophantine  
Fermat to *Universal* Diophantine equation, then in Plotinus' term,  
Smolin's loop quantum gravity is the physics of the soul which has not  
yet fallen (!). String theory, or better the string theories landscape  
(as described by Smolin himself) would describe ... the gate of hell,  
or the state of the fallen soul: the fourth hypostase.
I would like to encourage you to read the last book by Lee Smolin: The  
Trouble with Physics: The rise of String Theory, the Fall of Science,  
and What comes Next.

To be sure, the probability that Wiles Modularity conjecture is correct  
is near 0 imo, but it is incredible that a conjecture in number theory  
would unfify in one step string theory and loop gravity. The  "+ Dt"  
would correspond to the assumption of some "geographical background".  
Loop gravity like theories, where "elementary particle would be just  
knots (like in Kelvin's dream); would be the fundamental theory. String  
like theories (string in the physicist sense, not in the "string of  
character" sense of Russell)  would be phsyics+ some geography.

I have been searching for a gentle introduction to "algebraic number  
theory". Most popular books on "Fermat" can do the job, but the  
gentlest one imo is the recent "Fearless symmetry: Exposing the hidden  
Patterns of Numbers" by Ash and Gross

But the point here is that "timelessness critics" are again generated  
by an internal first person plural view, and to make it ontic would be  
a nth instantiation of Aristotle fundamental mistake of reifying time,  
space and matter, despite the beauty feature of loop gravity that time,  
space, and particles are fundamentally emergent ....

The modal logic of the third hypostase (first person view) + acomp  
(comp translated in lobian language), that is S4Grz1, gives a topos  
(called the solipsistic topos in "Conscience et Mecanisme"). I knew it  
generates time, but with the conjecture above it generates time, and  
space, and particles in a background independent way!  Sort of "pure  
physics" (as opposed to the fourth hypostase which gives "actual  
physics" closer to string theory).



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