Russell Standish wrote:

> >
> Most ensemble theories of everything would postulate that all possible
> observer moments are already "there" in the ensemble. This is
> certainly true of my construction, as Bruno's and Deutsch's
> Multiverse. It is debatable in Schmidhuber's though, as he seems to
> have some notion of time that his "Great Programmer" lives in.  I'm
> not sure what the status of Tegmark's ensemble is, but I doubt there
> is any external temporality in that.
> I suspect in that case you would disagree with most of the ensemble
> theories discussed here then.

Right.  The Multiverse does exist but it's just a bunch of meaningless
Shannon information.  It is actually quite trival to see that the
observer moments can't be fully inside that ensemble.  An 'Observer
moment' is a *cognitve interpretation* or *meaning* which is ascribed
to the Shannon information in the ensemble and this meaning is not a
fixed pre-existing thing.

> OTOH, if we're looking at it in terms of an emergent duality picture
> like I suggested, the observer moments do exist in the block
> multiverse, but when asking about appearances this is irrelevant, and
> one can only ask the question "what is the probability distribution of
> my next observer moment". This is the RSSA.
> Cheers

Again, the phrase 'probability distribution of next observer moment' is
in my view incoherent, since it presupposes that all observer moments
are already laid down inside the ensemble.

To reason about 'Observer Moment's' properly requires a new kind of
quantatative measure  defined in terms of *degree of reflection*, not
*probability*.  Probability theory just isn't up to the job.  That's
why neither Nick Bostrom nor any-one else can resolve  puzzles of
anthropic reasoning such as the Doomsday argument or the Simulation


'...he (Geddes) grabbed the book (of nature/the universe) and turned to
one of the spells...  He concentrated on the symbols and recited the
spell - reading the old (math) symbols easily now, as if it were a
children's book.'

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