Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> Peter Jones writes:
>>> I think it is simpler to go back to your own clones-in-the-next-room example
>>> rather than introducing the complication of neurophysiology (or indeed 
>>> physics).
>>> You are informed that your current stream of consciousness is either being
>>> generated by
>>> (a) a temporal sequence of clones, each of which lives for a second, then is
>>> instantly killed, and replaced by the next one in the series a microsecond 
>>> later
>>> or
>>> (b) a spatial series of clones, each of which lives for a second, then is 
>>> instantly
>>> killed, such that the whole experiment goes for a second but uses multiple
>>> adjacent rooms
>>> You have to guess whether you are in experiment (a) or (b). If appropriate 
>>> care
>>> is taken to provide you with no external clues do you think you would be 
>>> able to
>>> guess the right answer with greater than 1/2 probability?
>> It's quite possible that neither scenario can support a
>> subjective flow of time.
> Here is another thought experiment. You are watching an object moving against 
> a 
> stationary background at a velocity of 10 m/s. Suddenly, the object seems to 
> instantly
> jump 10 metres in the direction of motion, and then continues as before at 10 
> m/s. You 
> are informed that one of the following three events has taken place:
> (a) your consciousness was suspended for 1 second, as in an absence seizure;
> (b) you were scanned, annihilated, and a perfect copy created in your place 1 
> second 
> later;
> (c) nothing unusual happened to you, but the object you were watching was 
> instantly 
> teleported 10 metres in the direction of motion.
> Would you be able to guess which of the three events took place?
> Stathis Papaioannou

Sure, it was (a).  (c) violates the laws of physics.  (b) might or might not be 
theoretically possible, but it's practically impossible.

Brent Meeker

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