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Colin wrote"

--- Colin Geoffrey Hales

> >
> > Addition to my "lost and found" 1st post in this
> topic to
> > Marc:
> >
> > I wonder how would you define besides 'universe'
> and 'computer' the ----"
> > IS
> > "----?
> > *
> > I agree that 'existence' is  more than a
> definitional question.
> > Any suggestion yet of an (insufficient?)
> definition?
> > (Not Descartes' s "I think therefore I think I am"
>  and so on)
> >
> > John
> >
> There's only 1 thing which is intrinsic to the idea
> of 'being' that I can
> think of:
> Regardless of the scale (choices = quark, atom,
> human, planet, galaxy), if
> you are to 'be' whatever it is that comprises that
> which you are 'being',
> you automatically define a perspective on the rest
> of the universe. It
> does not mean that perspective is visible, only that
> the perspective is
> innate to the situation.
> So....I am made of one little chunk of the universe,
> you another and so
> on. My chunk is not your chunk and vice versa. If I
> am an atom then I get
> a view of the rest of the universe (that is
> expressing an un-atom). The
> rest of the universe has a perspective view of the
> atom.
> This division of 'thing' and 'un-thing' within the
> universe is implicit to
> the situation. The division is notional from an
> epistemological stand
> point, where we 'objectify' to describe. That does
> not alter the 'reality'
> of the innate perspective 'view' involved with
> 'being' the described.
> make sense?
> Colin
>It makes sense (I have to translate YOUR vocabujlaryh
into mine, of course). 
It ramifies into "SELF" and "Not-SELF" and into the 
"relational view" of the totality. 

Also: it leads into my old beef that "everything" is
consckious at its own level. 
What to include into 'everything' is of course a
matter of debate, it mayh err into physicalism or some
materialistic view of the world. 

Thank, Colin, I have to digest it


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