> I'm curious: how many people on this list are theists?
> Stathis Papaioannou

I don't believe in any theistic garbage.

As a scientist the truth or otherwise of the proposition X = "There is a
god and he did this" sits forever perched on the verge of disproof through
lack of evidence in the most Popperian of highwire acts that forces a
scientist into perpetual agnosticism....and remains as tricky as X = "I
believe the laws of nature are invoked by the purple balloon people of the
Horsehead Nebula". A sort of Un-Ockham, minimal parsimony delusion.
The american evangelistic bent makes me cringe... including the latest
thing in rebadged creationist mumbo jumbo - 'the design argument'...but it
does not have me hiding under the bed like certain islamic and other
fundamentalist movements...that appear to be seriously psychologically

I don't need religion to be pretty damned impressed by the universe as a
naturally occuring wonder of complexity.

Dawkins and Douglas Adams have given us permission to stop pussyfooting
around the delicate sensibilities of this stuff, right? I for one am fed
up with the bollocks perpetuated in the name of religion. It's time we all
grew up. The benefit and the costs are not balancing really well.

If someone/thing is simulating us it has a really good sense of irony,
though....That something could be a child and we could be that child's
school project in another universe...a proposition is just as well founded
as any religion.



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