Le 17-nov.-06, à 05:40, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :

> I can see and basically agree with your point, but I was specifically 
> thinking
> of fundamentalist Protestant Christians, who make the Catholic Church 
> look
> reasonable by comparison.


>  It may be easy to ignore them in most countries,
> but in the US they are anything but an irrelevant fringe group.

OK. All fundamentalism is frightening.

> This has always
> puzzled me because whatever other criticisms one may make of America, 
> the
> quality and quantity of her intellectual achievements cannot be denied.

I appreciate and I wish that all people of good will succeed in the 
fight against all form of fundamentalism and even against all form of 
authoritative arguments (mundane fundamentalism).
Now I will perhaps have the opportunity to develop and argue that the 
seed of "fundamentalism" already exists in the "mind" of any lobian 
machine, so that the "war" against fundamentalism is before all a war 
against oneself, it is typically an infinite war where the progress can 
only appear in the means, not in the goal which taken literally is 
unreachable. It is the brute lobian-godelian fact: either shit happens 
or it may happen. I will come back on incompleteness soon.



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