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>To say that there must be a physical computer on which the dovetailer
>should run, is rather similar to saying there must be an ultimate
>turtle upon which the world rests. The little old lady was right in
>saying "its turtles all the way down". Of course it is also analogous
>to saying there must be a prime mover to start the causal chain.

Back on 9/4/06 I posted a more recent version of my model.  While 
this model continues to evolve, I define "Physical Reality" as the 
property of an object that allows objects to interact - it is the 
only property of an object allowed to change.

I think one can make a loose correspondence between my list and its 
dynamic and the UD as follows:

1) Some of my objects and all the states of all the programs in all 
the possible UD trace states [However, I suspect some if not most of 
my objects are not Turing computable.].

2) My "object to object interaction [according to local interaction 
rules]" and the operation of the UD itself [a current program state 
producing the next state via the particular computer's 
configuration[state]].  My list would have a locus containing a group 
of closely related properties re the level of the "Physical Reality" 
of an object.  Within this locus objects interact by "pushing" each 
other's boundary around by rules local to those objects. This 
boundary pushing is like what the UD's operation does [it seems to me].

3) The current "Physical Reality" distribution among some of my 
objects and the current state of the UD trace.

However, the UD trace is binary in that it is only active at one 
state at a time and all other states are inactive.  I think that that 
is a disallowed selection from a more general multiplicity of 
possibilities.  Also I have more objects than possible program states.

Nevertheless I see no need for a fundamental material matrix in which 
to play out the dynamics of my list.  In fact I think it would be 
logically excluded as a global necessity since it would select just a 
subset of the possible dynamics of interaction between my objects 
because the matrix would have to have some properties.

I think that this argument as far as a material matrix goes is to a 
degree along the lines of your argument but clearly I presently see 
the UD as just a subset of my list's dynamic.

Hal Ruhl

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