> On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 12:12:07PM +1100, Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
>> My paper proves zombies can't do science. You have all said that the UD
>> is
>> not conscious. This is another way of saying that any creatures within
>> (computed by) a UD have no consciousness. The UD is therefore a zombie
>> realm. Hence computationalism is false. Yes?
> Not at all. We would also say the the universe is not conscious. But
> that doesn't mean that there aren't some conscious creatures located
> within the universe.

We could argue that we humans 'are' the consciousness of the universe. But
it would add nothing to the discussion! :-) A tad too antropomorphic...

I assume by "the universe" you mean ours. Understanding human
consciousness properly means we will eventually be able to prescribe what
level of consciousness applies to the rest of the universe that is 'not
humans'. Including animals ...I predict 'not as much'....rocks, fridges
etc..... I predict 'not much at all'.

I would also predict that a UD reified in our universe would be like
that...'not much' consciousness (the consciousness of the computer = that
of which it is made, not that of the program). There are no phenomena
reified as a result of the UD operating. The only phenomena happening are
the machinations of the hardware of the UD.

BTW I am not saying that abstract computation of some sort cannot be
involved in "artificial general intelligence". What I am saying is that
"bolted to" the computation are non-negotiable aspects that have to be
done in real phenomena or the machine will have no phenomenal
consciousness. The phenomena are of a type found in brain material.
Conversely the sort of universe that make brain material have
consciousness is not madeof platomic arithmetical entities.

In one sense 'comp', I gather, is the claim that computation of an
abstracted realm-X done in realm-Y can create realm-X phenomena. By
extension it means 'arithmetic realism' of the classical platonic kind is

Who'd have thought I'd have to bother with all this stuff.... all I want
to do is build my chips and get on with AGI! Here I am proving zombies
can't do science? sheesh!



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