Le 25-nov.-06, à 02:38, Colin Geoffrey Hales a écrit :

> [A zombie] doesn't even know there is a world to do science on.

*we* don't *know* either.  (Even if it is highly dubious there is no 
world at all, but that is resting on a pure, strictly speaking not 
third person communicable, first person experience).

> All it can do is
> correlate measurements with each other, measurements that could have 
> come
> from anywhere and the zombie can never tell from where.

Nor do I. I can build a theory, which at the informal (usual) level is 
a "view" on a possible world/realm. In general we care mainly on the 
"for all practical purpose" working of the theory, but fundamentally 
and globally theories are always hypothetical. And also ambiguous at 
some level.

It would make the conversation easier if you could list your 
assumptions. Clearly, you have assumptions.



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