Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 24-nov.-06, à 05:48, Colin Geoffrey Hales a écrit :
> > I agree very 'not interesting' ... a bit like saying "assuming comp"
> > endlessly.....and never being able to give it teeth.
> I guess you don't know about my work (thesis). I know there are some
> "philosopher" who considers it controversial, but it is not a work in
> philosophy

Yes it is. You need the premiss that
numbers exist Platonically (or that Truth and Existence
merge in the Plotinian One) which is as philosophical
as anything could be.

Consider also that you arguments embeds the "movie graph"
argument, which, as you admit, is equivalent to
Maudlin's Olympia argument...which is is philosophy,
and presented as such by Maudlin.

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