Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:

> You do NOT interpret sense data! In consciuous activity you interpret the
> phenomenal scene generated using the sense data.

But that is itself an interpetation for reasons you yourself have
spelt out. Sensory pulse-trains don't have any  meaning in themselves.

>  Habituated/unconscious
> reflex behaviour with fixed rules uses sense data directly.

Does that make it impossible to have
adaptive responses to sense data?

> Think about driving home on a well travelled route. You don't even know
> how you got home. Yet if something unusual happened on the drive - ZAP -
> phenomenality kicks in and phenomenal consciousness handles the novelty.>

Is that your only evidence for saying that it is impossible
to cope with novelty without phenomenality?

> > With living organisms, evolution provides this
> > knowledge
> Evolution provided
> a) a learning tool(brain) that knows how to learn from phenomenal
>    consciousness, which is an adaptive presentation of real
>    external world a-priori knowledge.
> b) Certain simple reflex behaviours.
> > while with machines the designers provide it.
> Machine providers do not provide (a)

> They only provide (b), which includes any adaptivity rules, which are just
> more rules.

How do you know that (a) isn't "just" rules? What's the difference?

You seem to think there is an ontological gulf between (a) and (b). But
seems arbitrary.

> > Incidentally, you have stated in your paper that novel technology as the
> > end
> > product of scientific endeavour is evidence that other people are not
> > zombies, but
> > how would you explain the very elaborate technology in living organisms,
> > created
> > by zombie evolutionary processes?
> >
> > Stathis Papaioannou
> Amazing but true. Trial and error. Hypothesis/Test in a brutal live or die
> laboratory called The Earth.... Notice that the process selected for
> phenomenal consciousness early on....

But that slides past the point. The development of phenomenal
consciousness was an adaptation that occurred without PC.

Hence, PC is not necessary for all adaptation.

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