Le Dimanche 26 Novembre 2006 12:43, Colin Geoffrey Hales a écrit :
> Note: Scientists, by definition:
> a) are doing science on the world external to them
> b) inhabit a universe of exquisite novelty
>    ...or there'd be no need for them!
Please note: Zombies by definition:
a) are functionnaly equivalent to what you called 'scientists'.
b) are undistinguishable from what you called 'scientists', because if they 
were it would be a property that would easily discriminate them.

The zombie point is a I'll say one more time a point to show non-sense in 
dualistic view... what it means is either that a property of the natural/real 
world is not copiable/replicable and that copying all physical/computational 
properties is not enough, there is still left the PC(what you call phenomenal 
consciousness which could be shorten to consciousness) which discriminate 
zombie from the scientist.

Taking your point is this:


Zombie can't do science because they don't have PC.
Scientist can do science because they have PC


Zombie can't do science because they don't have PC.
So zombie can't be a scientist.

You assume in your definition that they can't (and also that functionnaly 
identical being to a human is possible without it/him/her having 

What the zombie argument says (and I repeat it again) is that you SHOULD (if 
you are an honest rational person) accept ONE (and only one as they are 
contradictory proposition) of the following propositions:

1) Consciousness is not tied to a given behavior nor to a given physical 
attribute, replicating these does not give consciousness. (This permit 
existence of so called 'zombie' being). Also the "special(s)" attribute(s) 
that discriminate conscious/non conscious being is in no way 
emulable/simulable/replicable/copiable (if it was, it would not be 

2) Zombies are IMPOSSIBLE (non sensical proposition), if you 
do/construct/create a functionnaly identical being, it WILL 
be conscious. (It is not possible that it acts like it was conscious without 
really being conscious)


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