Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
> <<SNIP>>
>>> No confusion at all. The zombie is behaving. 'Wide awake'
>>> in the sense that it is fully functional.
>> Well, adaptive behaviour -- dealing with novelty --- is functioning.
> Yes - but I'm not talking about merely functioning. I am talking about the
> specialised function called scientific behaviour in respect of the natural
> world outside. The adaptive behaviour you speak of is adaptivity in
> respect of adherence or otherwise to an internal rule set, not adaptation
> in respect of the natural world outside.
> BTW 'Adaptive' means change, change means novelty has occurred. If you
> have no phenopmenality you must already have a rule as to how to adapt to
> all change - ergo you know everything already.

So you deny that life has adapted through Darwinian evolution.

Brent Meeker

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