> Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
>> >> Scientific behaviour demanded of the zombie condition is a clearly
>> >> identifiable behavioural benchmark where we can definitely claim that
>> >> phenomenality is necessary...see below...
>> >
>> > It is all to easy to consider scientific behaviour without
>> > phenomenality.
>> > Scientist looks at test-tube -- scientist makes note in lab
>> > journal...
>> 'Looks' with what?
> Eyes, etc.
>> Scientist has no vision system.
> A Zombie scientist has a complete visual system except for whatever
> it is that causes phenomenality.since we don't
> know what it is, we can imagine a zombie scientist as having
> a complete neural system for processing vision.
>> There are eyes and
>> optic chiasm, LGN and all that. But no visual scene.
>> The scientist is
>> blind.
> The zombie scientist is a functional duplicate. The zombie scientist
> will behave as though it sees. It will also behave the same in novel
> situations -- or it would not be  a functional duplicate.

Oh god. here we go again. I have to comply with the strictures of a
philosophical zombie or I'm not saying anything. I wish I'd never
mentioned the damned word.

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