The discussion has run its course. It has taught me a lot about the sorts
of issues and mindsets involved.

It has also given me the idea for the methodological-zombie-room, which I
will now write up. Maybe it will depict the circumstances and role of
phenomenality better than I have thus far.

Meanwhile I'd ask you to think about what sort of universe could make it
that if matter (A) acts 'as if' it intereacted with matter (B), that it
literally reified aspects of that interaction, even though matter (B) does
not exist. For that is what I propose constitutes the phenomenal scenes.
It happens in brain material at the membranes of appropriately configured
neurons and astrocytes. Matter (B) is best classed as virtual bosons.

Just have a think about how that might be and what the universe that does
that might be made of. It's not made of the things depicted by the virtual



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