Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
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> > Colin Hales writes:
> >
> >> The very fact that the laws of physics, derived and validated using
> >> phenomenality, cannot predict or explain how appearances are generated
> >> is
> >> proof that the appearance generator is made of something else and that
> >> something else else is the reality involved, which is NOT
> >> appearances, but independent of them.
> >>
> >> I know that will sound weird...
> >>
> >> >
> >> >> The only science you can do is "I hypothesise that when I activate
> >> this
> >> >> nerve, that sense nerve and this one do <this>"
> >> >
> >> > And I call regularities in my perceptions the "external world", which
> >> > becomes so
> >> > familiar to me that I forget it is a hypothesis.
> >>
> >> Except that in time, as people realise what I just said above, the
> >> hypothesis has some emprical support: If the universe were made of
> >> appearances when we opened up a cranium we'd see them. We don't. We see
> >> something generating/delivering them - a brain. That difference is the
> >> proof.
> >
> > I don't really understand this. We see that chemical reactions
> > in the brain generate consciousness, so why not stop at that?
> > In Gilbert Ryle's words, "the mind is what
> > the brain does". It's mysterious, and it's not well
> > understood, but it's still just chemistry.
> I have heard this 3 times now!
> 1) Marvin Minski... not sure where but people quote it.
> 2) Derek Denton, "The primordial emotions..."
> and now
> 3) Gilbert Ryle!
> Who really said it? Not that it matters.... OK...back to business....
> ask your self:
> "If the mind is what the brain does, then what exactly is a coffee cup
> doing?"

It's not mind-ing.

> For that question is just as valid and has just as complex an
> answer...

Of course not.

> .yet we do not ask it. Every object in the universe is like this.
> This is the mother of all anthropomorphisms.
> There is a view of the universe from the perspective of being a coffee cup

No there isn't. It has no internal representation of anything else.

This isn't a "mysterious qualia" issue. Things like digital cameras
and tape recorders demonstrably contain representations.Things like
coffee cups don't.

> and it is being equivalently created by whatever is the difference between
> it and a brain. And you are not entitled to say 'Nothing', all you can say
> is that there's no brain material, so it isn't like a brain. You can make
> no assertion as to the actual experience because describing a brain does
> NOT explain the causality of it....Hot cup? Cold cup? Full? Empty? All the
> same? Not the same? None of these questions are helped by the "what the
> brain does" bandaid excuse for proper science. Glaring missing physics.
> Zombie room has been deployed... OK dogs... do your worst! Attack!
> :-)
> Colin

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