Colin Hales writes:

> > Well, of course, we have a phenomenal view. Bu there is no informtion
> > in the phenomenal display that was not first in the pre-phenomenal
> > sensory data.
> Yes there is. Mountains of it. It's just that the mechanism and the need
> for it is not obvious to you. Some aspects of the external world must be
> recruited to some extent in the production of the visual field, for
> example. None of the real spatial relative location qualities, for
> example, are inherent in the photons hitting the retina. Same with the
> spatial nature of a sound field. That data is added through the mechanisms
> for generation of phenomenality.

Are you saying that it is impossible to capture the spatial nature of a sound 
field with recording technology? Specific empirical predictions along these 
would add weight to your theory.

Stathis Papaioannou
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