>> the basic assumption of BIV I would see as flawed. It assumes that all
>> there is to the scene genreation is what there is at the boundary where
>> the sense measurement occurs.
>> Virtual reality works, I think, because in the end, actual photons fly
>> at
>> you from outside. Actual phonons impinge your ears and so forth.
> What you have just said suggests that you do believe in some sort of ESP,
> for how else could you tell whether an impulse travelling down your optic
> nerve originated from a photon hitting the retina or from direct nerve
> stimulation?
> Stathis Papaioannou

Good question. Have a think about the kinds of universes that might make
this possible that also look like the universe we have when you use it to
look at things. Give yourself permission to do that. I can think of one.
It's the universe that is not made of its appearances, but something that
constructs appearances.... there are a large number of possibles.... My EC
formalism is a depiction of what I think it might be.

I can give you a little insight, though.

In transmition line theory, at a discontinuity an electromagnetic wave can
be reflected. For..what?... a century? one of the models for this is that
at the discontinuity we have the collision of 2 waves. One going one way
and one going the other. The NET result can be total reflection (imagine a
seaside wave hitting a wall and bouncing back). Nothing downstream of the
discontinuity is ever measured. But the maths can model it as such and it

OK. Electromagnetics....

Physical EM wave A> is real, approaches the diconinuity.
Virtual wave <B travels from infinity.
They hit. <B is the bounced wave.
Now ask yourself:
" exactly what must be going on at the collision site."

The answer is that whatever is happening, it incorporates the local matter
behaving as if <B actually arrived. Otherwise the wave travelling the
other way could not happen. This is the real physical reality at a
boundary. The wave <B arriving is a VIRTUAL BOSON. The remnant affects of
its arrival are physically involved, REIFIED in the behaviour at the
collision site. They must be.


Now imagine, instead of a physical blockage as a discontinuity, imagine a
PROGRAMMABLE discontinuity, a programmable boundary X. This time there is
no A>. Instead the boundary electrically acts 'as if' electromagnetic wave
<B hit it, exactly as if it had interacted with a real A>.


If it was 'like something' to be SCENARIO 1), then it MUST BE like
something to be scenario 2).

No go to brain material.
Absolute BLIZZARD of programmable boundaries. All manufacturing virtual
bosons on a massive scale. EM field the strength of lighting collpasing
It is LIKE SOMETHING to be those programmable boundaries. This we know.
So proposition X is true.

This is the universe we really live in. For real.
In that universe, when you analyse all causalty is coded innately with
origin. It's built of it.
No esp. No magic.
Have a think about it.
Clue: It's all nested layers of coherent noise events. Cohering with X 
makes X real, no matter where it is because everything is very very real
but equally really actually all in the same place: nowhere. Distance is
actually meaningless. It's an artifact of the causal event trail you have
to enact, not an idicator that you actually physically went anywhere,
exept to those in it with you. Freaky huh?

None of this contradicts any existing laws of nature at all. The laws of
nature depicted by appearances depict appearances, not what the universe
is made of. All the laws stay exactly as they are. QM. Everything.

If you can't cope with the latter then at least accept the logical reality
of the virtual boson and work from there.

The horse has been lead to the water. LZ now has his real paint. And I
have to move on....

I'd appreciate some feedback on the zombie room.....

Colin Hales

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