I thought I'd pass this on from another group....
Maybe one of us who is local can go along?
Damn I wish I was there... :-)

Here is a debate this Thursday at MIT on a really big question:

Creativity: the mind, machines, and mathematics
A Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Alan Turing's Seminal Paper "On
Numbers" featuring a debate on the limits of intelligent machines and a
lecture on
Turing's contributions.

In Celebration of:
100 years anniversary of the birth of Kurt Gödel
70 years since Alan Turing’s seminal paper “On computable numbers” 50
years since the start of Artificial Intelligence research at Dartmouth

4:30-5:30pm Public Debate
David Gelernter vs. Ray Kurzweil
Moderated by Rodney Brooks

Are we limited to building super-intelligent robotic 'zombies' or will it be
possible and desirable for us to build conscious, creative, volitional,
perhaps even


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