Hi Stathis,

> What you haven't really addressed in this post is the PR implications 
> if you use the
> word "theology" prominently in your writing. You will alienate many 
> scientists and
> academic philosophers even though this may be due to prejudice or 
> misunderstanding,
> and you will alienate what extra audience may be attracted by that 
> word when they
> realise that you are talking about machine consciousness and... maths 
> and stuff. I
> know that the temptation for an intellectual (if you don't mind the 
> term) is to let the
> ideas stand unadorned and be judged purely on their merit, but 
> sometimes even in
> academia the better marketed ideas can push other, perhaps more worthy 
> ones aside.

You may be right, but I am not convinced. I don't know how to explain 
to you why I am not convinced. I guess it is partly related to more 
personal-academical stuff ...

Are you sure the problem is the word "theology"? Or should I drop the 
whole "Plotinus" ...

Scientist of the type "capable of being alienated by words" have been 
already alienated by expression like "consciousness", "mind", 
"teleportation", etc. Even just the term "quantum" or "Godel" is enough 
to alienate some mathematicians (even logician!) in some circle.

The current and provisory title of the paper which should present my 
work is

"A purely arithmetical, yet empirically testable, interpretation of 
Plotinus' theory of Matter".

But I am not yet decided, and ... what do you think?  I know I could 
write something like "the consequence of computationalism" ...., or 
"Does comp entails a reversal ...".
Anyway, thanks for your comments.



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