Le 08-déc.-06, à 02:33, Pete Carlton a écrit :

> A definitive treatment of this problem is Daniel Dennett's story
> "Where am I?"
> http://www.newbanner.com/SecHumSCM/WhereAmI.html

This is indeed an excellent text (it is also in the book "Mind's I").
Definitive? I doubt it. Dennett miss there the first person 
indeterminacy, although he get close ...

Then I am not sure if this is really related with Quentin Anciaux's 
idea that he feels located in his head.
The idea that we are in our head ... is in our head! (Hope you see the 
Epimenides-likeness here :)
I think such "location" are mind construct, and I think like Russell 
that with some training you can locate yourself even outside the body 
(and that can be helpful sometimes so this can be explained through 
elementary Darwinism perhaps).

Of course, somehow Pete is right, Dennett does show that locating 
yourself is hard with comp (but this we knew: without third person 
instruction you cannot know if you are in W or M after a 
self-duplication, nor can you know where you are in the UD*, etc.

Brent is right: some greek put the mind in the stomach. Did you know 
that even today there are people defending that idea due to the 
discovery that the stomach is one of the part of the body most 
unnerved?  Could be craps, I am not following them ... They have web 
pages, but I lost the references.



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