On Dec 8, 2006, at 7:48 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:

> This is indeed an excellent text (it is also in the book "Mind's I").
> Definitive? I doubt it. Dennett miss there the first person
> indeterminacy, although he get close ...

You're right of course, I should have used a different adjective,  
especially since the point was to look at questions differently, not  
to definitively answer them.
I think the essay shows the "problem word" in the question "Where am  
I?" is not "Where" but "I".
It's easy to refer to a location, to answer the question "Where", but  
much harder to refer to the "I" that is supposed to be there.

> Then I am not sure if this is really related with Quentin Anciaux's
> idea that he feels located in his head.
> The idea that we are in our head ... is in our head!

Another way of saying that, is that we have the urge to utter and  
endorse sentences like "I feel located in my head" - but the  
explanation of this urge is not necessarily "I am located in my head,  
and I want to give an honest report of that".  I'm not convinced that  
there is a "1st person" fact of the matter whether "I" am in W or M.

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