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  From: Kim Jones 
  Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 8:19 AM
  Subject: Re: Natural Order & Belief

  Dear John,

  This is ancient history judging from the post date. Just the same - I saw a 
post from you some time ago with the single word in the subject line 
"unsubscribe". I'm not dreaming - I saw it. Did you lean on the big, bright 
yellow unsubscribe button by mistake?

  Kim Jones

  On 16/12/2006, at 8:53 AM, John M wrote:

    Dear list:
    this was the last post I received (I think I am subscribed)
    Have I been (or the list?) terminated?
    John Mikes
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      From: Bruno Marchal
      Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 5:27 AM
      Subject: Re: Natural Order & Belief


      You are right, I was wrong. Those deeds are not contingent. They 
      probably appears automatically when one give a name to God.

      Perhaps, "God" could be "defined" by this: it is the one which is such 
      that once you give it a name or a definition trouble appears.

      Obviously such a sentence should not be taken to much literally (if we 
      do we are led to an obvious inconsistency).

      So, from now on, each time I use the word "God" it will means the 
      impersonal big unnameable 0-person point of view, that is Plotinus' 
      ONE, and/or some of its possible arithmetical (set theoretical) 
      interpretation(s), that is arithmetical truth (resp. set theoretical 

      I will recall the theory in my reply to Tom Caylor.


      Le 20-nov.-06, à 18:03, John M a écrit :

      > Bruno:
      > How far Occident? Quetzealcoatle was not much better.
      > Orientals? did they care at all? they were occupied
      > with their lovers. Germanics and Scandinavians? no
      > better, not to spek about Maori, African, Hawaiian
      > etc.
      > requiring virgins to be thrown into the Volcano. The
      > priests of the smarter ones ate them.
      > Did you notice the Catholic homophag rite: "Take it
      > and eat it: it is my body. Drink it: it is my blood.
      > And literary thousands of protestant rites follow
      > suit.
      > Muslims cleaned that up, they concentrate on heavennly
      > sex (hueis).
      > Sorry if I hurt feelings.
      > John
      > --- Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
      >> Le 18-nov.-06, à 21:49, John M a écrit :
      >>> Why do the religions (almost all of them) depict a
      >> god after the worst
      >>> human
      >>> characters: jealous, flatterable, requiring praise
      >> and  blind
      >>> obedience,
      >>> vengeful, irate, picking favorites,
      >>> even sadistic and not caring? Why does he punish
      >> for deeds done
      >>> exactly as
      >>> he created the sinner?
      >> I disagree with the "(almost all of them)". True,
      >> since a long time, in
      >> Occident, the main religions are based on such a
      >> "God", probably
      >> because he looks like the "terrifying father", very
      >> useful to
      >> manipulate people by fear and terror.
      >> But this is contingent, and eventually I take that
      >> sad contingent truth
      >> as a supplementary motivation to come back on
      >> "serious theology", by
      >> which I mean 3-person sharable theology (even if
      >> such a theology does
      >> talk about first person unsharable notion).
      >> Bruno
      > >

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