John Mikes writes:

> Re: capital punishment:
> 1. it is not a punishment because after the fact the punished has no way to 
> be sorry or to improve.
> 2. punishing is a vengeance-related hypocritical self-aggrandisement assigned 
> to gods and god-like feelings in humans.
> 3. I agree to discontinue the existence of individuals who are incapable to 
> keep up with the prudent societal living (even by execution) -  not as a 
> punishment, but as the self defense of society. Long term incarceration has 
> the danger of a jail brake  turning the incorrigible also loose. Emotions in 
> sentencing would degrade the punisher to the level of the murderer.
> (4: I do not condone the right of politicians to authorize killing 
> (exception: self defense against a murderous intruder) so I do not celebrate 
> war heroes  of wars initiated for political purposes. - but this is beyond 
> the subject).

I agree with you (except for 3), but a capital punishment enthusiast might 
simply disagree about what punishment is meant to do etc., and an impasse is 
reached. It becomes in the final analysis our personal values against theirs.

Stathis Papaioannou
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