One way to look at "life" is from the point of view of energy hang-up barriers - those various facts about the structure of our universe that slow the dissipation of useful energy concentrations.

"Life" drills holes in these barriers and thus is on the fastest system path to maximum entropy.

That could be why "life" appeared "quickly" on earth and should also do so wherever conditions permit.

Life forms that are bigger [hold larger drills] and smarter [invent more kinds of drills] produce a wider variety of holes in the barriers.

Since body size and brain size [complexity] have only a lower bound and the thermodynamics above gives an additional bias towards large, smart life forms to an otherwise goal less evolution, large SAS seem inevitable.

Thus is life in a universe that can support it just an unavoidable thermodynamic tool and SAS just the top grade of such tool?

Hal Ruhl

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