Bruno Marchal wrote:
Le 30-déc.-06, à 17:07, 1Z a écrit :

> Brent Meeker wrote:

>> > Everything starts with assumptions. The questions is whether they
>> > are correct.  A lunatic could try defining 2+2=5 as valid, but
>> > he will soon run into inconsistencies. That is why we reject
>> > 2+2=5. Ethical rules must apply to everybody as a matter of
>> > definition.
>> But who is "everybody".
> Everybody who can reason ethically.

I am not sure this fair. Would you say that ethical rules does not need
to be applied to mentally disabled person who just cannot reason at

I would say that. In the legal context it is called "diminished
or "pleading insanity".

I guess you were meaning that ethical rules should be applied *by*
those who can reason ethically, in which case I agree.


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