Hi, I'm new to this list. Sorry for coming into the conversation
uninvited, but I would like to post some comments on this :) Hope you
don't mind.

Brent Meeker wrote:

And does it even have to be very good?  Suppose it made a sloppy copy
of me that left out 90% of my memories - would it still be "me"?  How
much fidelity is required for Bruno's argument?  I think not much.

Memories would have to be somehow stored (in neurons or whatever), so
losing 10% of memories would likely mean that 10% of the brain wasn't
perfectly copied. I guess even a 0.0001% error of copy would probably
kill someone; for instance, a minimally modified cell may develop a
lethal cancer.

Sorry if I'm going off-topic and for my bad English :)

João Silva

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