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 (MP)>>... because infinity is infinity.

 But *your* infinity is just *really big*.  There are only a finite number of 
atoms in a person and they have only a finite number of relations.  So how can 
an exact copy require infinite resources?

 Brent Meeker

 Funny to mix up infinity with 'really big'. or (not?) 'really small'.
 I consider infinity as devoid of quantitative restrictions, like a "zero", or  
whatever. Forever is (POOFF!!) instantaneously over. Infinite extension is no extension 
at all. Infinite time is 'just now(?) and it's over'.
 Our mind is not capable of starting out with a quantized idea and then switch 
to infinity. It comes from religious-talk what we don't understand to begin 
with. So much about infinite wisdom, infinite love, eternity etc.
 John M

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