John M wrote:
> Dear Stathis:
> my answer to your quewstion:
>           Of course not!
> There is a belief systems "I" like and there are the  others I don't.
> I just maintain a (maybe misplaced?) humbleness that I am not the judge 
> to decide about the rightness of "mine" and "not mine".
> --------"Mine" is better (not necessarily the best). <G> --------
> Otherwise I would change it as do many converts, emigrants. divorcees, 
> or 'elevated minds' coming to some better position.

So why do you consider yours better than others; so that you don't change?

> The exceptional "best" are those of the fundamentalist fanatics (for 
> themselves, of course), they don't even 'look' away.  
> I liked your 'trappy' question: I used to be a faithful altar-boy, a 
> reincarnationist, a Ouiji-board addict, a natural scientist (within the 
> reductionist science-religion of our times in the west) and I changed 
> lately into a view of totally interconnected complexity of a 
> deterministically interactive existence. So I have experience.
> Am I biased? you bet.

When a scientist knows his instrument is biased, he puts in a correction to 
remove the bias he knows about.  You seem to just be making a generalization, 
like the scientist who says, "All instruments have some bias; so this one must 
too."  Without knowing anything about the bias, it's just the same as 

Brent Meeker

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