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Brent, interleaving
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John M wrote:
> Dear Stathis:
> my answer to your quewstion:
>           Of course not!
> There is a belief systems "I" like and there are
the  others I don't.
> I just maintain a (maybe misplaced?) humbleness
that I am not the judge > to decide about the rightness of "mine" and "not
> --------"Mine" is better (not necessarily the
best). <G> --------
> Otherwise I would change it as do many converts,
emigrants. divorcees, > or 'elevated minds' coming to some better

So why do you consider yours better than others; so
that you don't change?
Are you joking, or you cannot take a joking remark?
(The <G> in internet abbreviations means "grin". Hungarian proverb: even a gipsy praises his own horse)

So?  It's a joke and you *don't* think your belief system is better?  Then the 
question is why don't you change it?  Or do you simply consider them all 
equivalent so there's no reason to change.  Even the gypsy who praises his own 
horse gives reasons it's praiseworthy.

Brent Meeker

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