Actually, John M, I believe in wave-packets (relevant to 
my off-list posts to you recently).  I'm not a fan of
'gravitons' .. unless they turn out to be 'knots of 

But even if all you say is correct .. at some point in
a chain of logical causality relations .. either notions
stay consistent, or, an anomaly arises that requires
development of a new-'imagined'.

I wrote the conjecture to the list, because if those
several 'conditions' have been presumed valid locally 
and individually, but, when weighed in, all together,\
don't stay consistently valid for all the factors/relations,
then something's amiss, and I felt it worthwhile to
state a conjunction situation that seems to point to
such a dis-connect - an 'ooops' in the consistency fabric.

I was more hoping for a discussion about where/how 
the mathematics doesn't just 'balance' C the speed
of light (which seems the logical implication of 'C')
.. such that spacetime ohmage/resistivity -is- '-C', 
but never more than that.

The deductive conclusion might be, not that the event
horizon is 'black' but that we 'see' black, because the
event horizon is an enormous ever-increasing density
of "photons" held motionless.  They are there, in 
immobile stasis, never reaching external observers.

A hyper-attraction model, on the other hand, 
would have all 'photons' still actively moving
a) either at standard C, internal to the even
horizon, or b) at C+, having first been overpowered
by a more negative than -C inertial moments, and then,
moving at C ... "in an inertial field more super-
conductive, than standard C-limited spacetime".


John M wrote:
> Jamie,
> since BHs are figments of Hawkins' et al. imagination
> for 'something there  must be', we can 'imagine' that
> something so as to bounce back those photons (you
> believe in) INSIDE once they got in and this is the
> reason why the darn blob is  black.
> Imagination should not be constrained to imagined
> reality. MAke it so that it fits.
> (Hungarian proverb: Once it's goose, it should be
> fat).
> John
> --- James N Rose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:

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