Bruno Marchal writes:> What is correct, and has been singled out by Stathis, is 
that comp > eludes the "material implementation" problem, given that we take 
all > abstract possible relationship between those objects, and they are all > 
well defined as purely number theoretical relations. Note that this is > 
something I have tried to explain to Jacques Mallah sometimes ago, but > 
without much success. This does not make much sense in ASSA approaches, > but, 
like George Levy I think, I don't believe in absolute probability > of being 
me, or of living my current "observer moment". Such a > probability can be 
given the value one (said George) but it is close of > saying that the universe 
is here, which tells us nothing, really. It is > like answering "who are you?" 
by I am me".I'm satisfied with this summary. The physical implementation 
problem is not a problem when considering abstract machines. Stathis Papaioannou
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