Le 18-févr.-07, à 05:03, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :

> http://www.capitolannex.com/IMAGES2/CHISUMMEMO.pdf
> What can you say?

This is frightening, but perhaps not so astonishing when you realize 
that since about 1500 years the scientific method (the doubting 
procedure mainly) is still discouraged and taboo for many "believers" 
(in "God", with Christians or "Matter" with the "Atheist theologian").

Of course the Darwinist will not help to encourage a creationist to 
doubt,  if he presents Darwinism as undoubtedly true.
Where doubts are absent you have no science, whatever is taught. Doubts 
alert us on falsifiability and falsification, which are the things the 
creationist would really attack, and scientism (that is authoritative 
science) helps them a lot.



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