On 3/8/07, Danny Mayes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  If you assume an ensemble theory, whether it be an infinite MWI or
> Bruno's UD in the plenitude, is it POSSIBLE to avoid God?  For the purposes
> of this question I'll define "God" as an entity capable of creating
> everything that would be observed to exist in a (all possible) quantum
> mechanical universe.  To avoid God are we back to some kind of "primitive
> physical" idea that there is something about the nature of reality that will
> forever prohibit intelligence from emulating it?  That it is impossible even
> in theory to build a kind of "universal quantum constructor"?  Or is the
> idea one that physics will forever prohibit intelligence from acquiring the
> resources necessary to achieve such a feat?
> How can you have everything, but not have something capable of creating
> everything?  If you assume for instance the UD in the plenitude (no
> intelligent action required), doesn't it eventually describe intelligence
> with access to infinite or near infinite resources capable of creating an
> "artificial" UD?  If the answer is yes the whole debate over God seems to
> become a silly argument over semantics.   I'll be happy to hear where I'm
> wrong on all this.  Please be kind, I've been away from these sorts of
> discussions for quite a while!
You could have what Russell Standish called a demigod, creating a copy of
every physical structure in the Plenitude but powerless, even if he were a
supernatural being separate from the Plenitude (i.e. not just arising as a
consequence of the many worlds), as far as creating, destroying or changing
the Plenitude goes.

Stathis Papaioannou

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