Le 10-mars-07, à 09:58, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :

> Most people in the world behave as if there were an ultimate morality, 
> even though logically they might know that there isn't.

Come on, come on, come on com, .... ????

>  I think this true even of those with religious beliefs: murder is bad 
> because it's bad,


> not because it confirms in the Bible that it's bad.


> This strong sense that there is something to moral behaviour besides 
> evolutionary expediency is what I called a second order feeling, and 
> its utility is that it makes it difficult for us to shrug off morality 
> and "do whatever we want".

All right!   So there could be an "ultimate morality" (making bad 
bad!), it is just that there if there is one, then there is no third 
person normative theory of it. But, with comp, there is a (machine's) 
metatheory saying exactly that, that ultimate morality is not 
normatively describable, if that exists.



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