Le 11-mars-07, à 17:33, John M a écrit :

> Still: human thinking.

You should subscribe to some alien list, if you are annoyed by us being 
You can answer "human thinking"  to any (human) post. So this does not 
convey any information, unless you explain what in our human nature 
prevent us to understand something typically non-human. It will be hard 
for you, human, to point on such a thing (actually the "human thinking 
critics apply to your own posts).

Now, I am the one in the list which says: look we can already interview 
non-human lobian machine. So, in a sense, I could argue that all the 
lobian explanation with regard to our fundamental questions are lobian 
thinking, and a priori, this is not human. You, among the other, should 
be particularly pleased by this non human intervention in the list, 
unless you add that whatever the lobian machine says, it is us, human 
who interpret it, but then, again, we, humans, could stop arguing about 
anything, and even argue we should not talk with non-human entity given 
that we will deformed, by our human-ness, all what they talk about. But 
then we will certainly enforced our human prejudice.
My feeling, John, is that you have typically human prejudice against 
number and machine, 100% similar to any form of racist prejudice: oh 
those entity are so different from us that we should not even listen to 
them ...

And why do you say "human thinking". Why not "mammal's thinking"? Why 
not "carbon type of life thinking"? Why not "typical descendent of 
bacteria prejudices" ...

> If we accept Bruno's "we are god"

I have never said that. The most I have said in that direction, is 
that, assuming comp, the first person inherits "God"' unanmeability. So 
the first person has some "god" attribute. you cannot infer from this 
that we are "God!".



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