Thanks, Russell, 4 Poles may play bridge.
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  On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 11:58:58AM -0400, John Mikes wrote:
  > In the sci-fi I wrote in 1988-89 I depicted the 'story' of human evolving as
  > done
  > by an experiment of aliens from another universe, to which I assigned
  > "energy"
  > with 3 (three) poles. One +, one -, and a THIRD one. (Maybe your math could
  > formulate this, but I could not. I accepted it as something beyond our human
  > mind.

  The strong force has 3 "poles". To think about them in a human
  fashion, we name them "red", "green" and "blue", and the theory
  describing the strong force is called "quantum chromodynamics". It
  doesn't seem beyond the human mind at all.

  I dare say if we had a reason to have a theory with four poles,
  someone will come up with a way of thinking about these too.


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